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280 Group – Platinum Sponsor

280 Logo GIFThe 280 Group provides Product Management and Product Marketing consulting, contractors, training, certification and templates. Visit www.280group.com for information on becoming a Certified Product Manager (CPM), Agile Certified Product Manager (ACPM), the Product Management Office training/templates and the 280 Group book series, including “The Phenomenal Product Manager”, “Expert Product Management”, “Agile Product Management Excellence” and “The Product Manager’s Toolkit Book”.

Pragmatic Marketing – Platinum Sponsor

PragmaticMarketingLogo_w_TaglineThe Pragmatic Marketing Framework is the worldwide standard for successful product management. It defines the roles and responsibilities for 60,000 product management and marketing professionals at 5,000 companies in 23 countries. The company been honored four times by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America (2000, 2007, 2008, 2009), the only product management company to ever receive this prestigious honor.

TInformation Technology Management Students' Associationed Rogers School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson ITMSA

The Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson is Canada’s only Bachelor of Commerce program dedicated to business management and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Information Technology Management Students’ Association (ITMSA) is the course union/students’ association for the ITM program at Ryerson University. They run social, academic and advancement events for students in the ITM program and within the Faculty of Business.

TTPMAoronto Product Management Association

Founded in March 2001, the Toronto Product Management Association is a non-profit organization formed to create an environment that facilitates learning, mentoring, & networking opportunities. Our reach includes over five hundred product managers, directors, and marketers from leading Toronto and GTA technology companies.

MI6MI6: Marketing Integration

MI6 is a B2B marketing agency dedicated to building brands and generating business results for System Integrators/VARS, software and hardware manufacturers. We help you understand, get and keep customers.

Sequent LearningSequent

Sequent Learning Networks is a global training and consulting firm. We are the world’s most experienced professionals in the field of product management and marketing. We help product managers, marketers, and executives in the world’s leading firms to improve the success of their products and services. Our goal is to catalyze our clients so that they can make durable, long-lasting, improvements to their products, services, and their organizations.

QQuantum Whisper Logouantum Whisper

Quantum Whisper provides an online service for product managers that uniquely extends agile principles outside development by establishing a bona fide link between customer demand and product development. Quantum Whisper provides product managers with actionable information supported by market evidence (facts) to ensure that product management is market-driven and that development is prioritized for maximum customer satisfaction and profit.

RRiverdale Partnersiverdale Partners

Riverdale Partners is a boutique advisory firm based on a proven model that adapts to the unique needs of emerging and high growth business units. We combine the best elements of a premium market research and strategic consultancy, marketing agency and sales systems integrator.

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