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Pragmatic Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing’s training is based on the fundamental belief that a company’s products need to be grounded in a strategy that is driven by the market. We combine this core principle with a team of instructors who have real-world experience leading high tech product teams, to deliver training seminars that are informative, entertaining, and impactful.

Our courses cover everything technology companies need to be successfully market-driven, from understanding market problems and personas, to creating effective requirements and go-to-market strategies. To find out how you or your company can join the growing international community of more than 85,000 product management and marketing professionals trained by Pragmatic Marketing, visit www.pragmaticmarketing.com.

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A global leader in wireless innovation, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. For more information, visit www.blackberry.com.



Recruiting is easy. It’s selection that’s hard. Hirefully is the talent preview platform that takes you beyond resume reading and keyword searches. It’s the only suite of prescreening and selection templates designed for early stage companies to identify engaged applicants and see their true colours – on-line and upfront. The Q&A format reveals personal values. You get quality interviews. Your team collaborates on hiring decisions. Your culture thrives. Everybody wins and enjoys the Hirefully experience!






Ideavibes™ helps organizations tap into the wisdom of their crowds. The Ideavibes Crowd Engagement Platform™ enables organizations to create crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns that use the power of social media to strengthen relationships through engagement and participation. It’s about starting innovative projects, building better products, setting new directions, being more crowd- or community-focused, funding worthy initiatives and sparking social change. Ideavibes founded the crowdfunding initiative Fundchange with TELUS in February 2011.

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Macadamian works with today’s leading technology companies to create inspiring software that stands out in the marketplace and enriches lives. Founded in 1997, this award-winning innovation studio has adapted and thrived throughout the technology sector’s changes to become a $17-million-a-year global company specializing in enterprise software product creation. The company has worked on apps used by millions of people in more than 100 countries.

With more than 750 projects completed worldwide in several verticals, Macadamian’s clients range from innovative boutique firms to the largest brands, including Adobe, BitTorrent, BlackBerry, Cisco, GENBAND, HP, Juniper Networks, Kobo, Logitech and Microsoft. Macadamian is also distinguished for its specialized expertise in developing mobility and healthcare apps. A comprehensive list of clients is available here.



Miax helps achieve needed business outcomes through technical project delivery and services implementation – with a uniquely personal approach that engages your people in technology transformation.


Founded in March 2001, the Toronto Product Management Association is a non-profit organization formed to create an environment that facilitates learning, mentoring, & networking opportunities. Our reach includes over five hundred product managers, directors, and marketers from leading Toronto and GTA technology companies.

Wild Apricot Membership Software

Wild Apricot membership software is designed for small associations and non-profits. It helps you simplify Membership and contact management, Online membership applications and payments, Renewal reminders, Website editing, Event calendar and online registration, Email newsletters and much more!



Proficientz is a training organization that’s on a mission to rewrite the book on B2B product management and marketing. A mission to create a discipline that’s broader than the product management department and functions as the respected conscience of every organization. A mission that goes beyond a department of individuals responsible for creating, managing and marketing products to one that also helps teams of product managers, owners, marketers and strategists uncover and solve bigger problems with multi-product solutions that drive growth. A mission that aligns the organization’s goals and tactical initiatives across all disciplines to a common portfolio strategy to improve market focus, resource utilization and day-to-day execution in the trenches. If you support our mission, contact us today to learn how we can help transform your product management department into the respected conscience of your organization.

280 Group


The 280 Group is a Product Management and Product Marketing consulting and training firm located in Silicon Valley, CA. Founded in 1998, the 280 Group helps companies deliver products that delight their customers and produce massive profits. Products and services include consulting, contractors, training, certications, templates and books. The 280 Group’s methodology is based on worldwide standards and is used by tens of thousands of customers across the world.



From its foundation in 2003, focused on developing complex web and mobile projects, today LEZGRO is company with more than 100 talented designers, professional developers, project specialists, freelance teams and subcontractors with a proven history of collaboration.
LEZGRO has many valued clients and partners in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario, as well as across Canada, the US, Australia and Europe.

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Übermeetings enables conference attendees to interactively ask questions, answer polls, and submit ideas using their mobile devices. Delivered through an easy-to-use web platform, conference organizers can offer their attendees a variety of interactive activities such as polling, moderated Q&A, anonymous surveys, and virtual flipcharts. And because it uses attendees’ own mobile devices, there is no voting hardware to distribute or collect! Designed to be hassle-free for organizers and proven to be exciting and interactive for attendees.

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Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson UniversityIT Management Student Association

The Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson is Canada’s only Bachelor of Commerce program dedicated to business management and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Information Technology Management Students’ Association (ITMSA) is the course union/students’ association for the ITM program at Ryerson University. They run social, academic and advancement events for students in the ITM program and within the Faculty of Business.

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