2017 Tracks & Sessions

Sessions from 2017.

Product Management – Using Scaled Agile Framework

Forget What You Think You Know. Know What Your Buyers Know – Charles Topping

How to Save the Product if Developers Don’t Care Enough

Opportunity Analysis; Research, Segmentation, Gap Analysis, Business Case

Product Management/Product Marketing; Who Owns What?

Mergers and Acquisitions; An under-utilized tool in product development – Cassio Sampaio

Product Ownership: Customer Expectations Post-Purchase  – Michael Forde

Jira Portfolio is Freaking Fantastic – Jonathan Laba

So You’ve Acquired a Company (and you need to “do some marketing”) – Lee Brooks

ProductCamp 2020! Imagine the Future – Megann Willson

Who’s exactly a Technical Product Manager  – Rohan Kumar Tripathy

The Big Fat Myths of Product Launch – Diane Pierson

Empathy & Detachment; Two key emotional skills for Product Managers – Kanchan Kumar

Mind Merchandizing: Collateral Skills Benefits – John Gilinsky

Innovations to help Patients

How to reverse a damage to a Product Sreejayan – Rama Syam

Use Buying Journeys to get Sales on your Side

Identifying What Customers Really Want; Quickly!

How to make Decisions in a Complex World Using Cynetics Model Framework

Go To Market; Launch Plans/Strategy/Pricing/Positioning