6 Days to ProductCamp Toronto 2017 – Session Proposals Needed

Only 6 days to ProductCamp Toronto on Saturday, July 22!

We only have 9 Session Proposals so far and 4 Ignite Sessions but there’s room for a total of 20 full Sessions on the schedule. ProductCamp is all about participation so if you’ve been thinking about proposing a session, please do it now!

Even if you haven’t been thinking about proposing a session, consider a topic, or issue, or situation you have experience with and could share. Think about a burning question that you would love to ask a bunch of product managers and engage in a lively discussion.

Proposing and leading a session at ProductCamp is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, an experience or facilitate a group conversation about something important to you.

Want ideas? Check out previous sessions at ProductCamp Toronto

There’s lots of fun categories and formats to choose from here.

Just Click Here to propose a session!

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