ProductCamp Toronto 2010 – Adv. PM presentations

Here are the presentations from the ProductCamp Toronto Spring 2010 Advanced Product Management track.

Session 1 – The role of Product Marketing in the overall scheme of Product Management – Amrita Mathur
The product marketing role is very valued in the overall product management framework. Typically, the product marketing person serves as one of several sources of input to product requirements owned by the product manager; while the product manager will be one of the several sources of input to marketing messages owned by the product marketing person. Would like to discuss this symbiotic relationship further, pros and cons, what functions lie where etc.

Session 2 -The Why-Driven Roadmap – Alan Armstrong
Product Managers frequently struggle to develop, communicate, and stay on strategy as expressed in a product roadmap. Demands from sales and changing tides in executive opinions can side track the best laid plans. The key to staying on track is to avoid feature wars and start with “why”; why your product, why this release, why this strategy, and why this roadmap. This talk will present that argument, drawing on the best-selling leadership book “Start with Why”, and will include practical tools to translate the idea into a product development setting.

Session 3 – Lean Communications – Saeed Khan

A major part of product innovation and success rests on efficient and effective communication across teams in a company. In startups, this happens almost naturally. In medium and large companies, process needs to be put in place. Lean Communication is a model based on Lean principles that can be used to align teams and accelerate time to revenue for high tech products. As key members of the overall communication network, Product Managers and Product Marketers will benefit significantly by adopting this model.

Session 4 – Product Management becomes strategic…Are you ready? – Tom Grant

In response to big industry trends, tech companies need their employees to play an increasingly strategic role. But how do you know what it means to be a “strategic PM”? What should you be doing, or not doing? And what skills, experiences, or tools are required?

Session 5 – Product Design – Richard McCann
Lets compare the design process in different industries and companies. Who leads the design? Who infludences the design? How does the product get shaped? How to get buy in? How to ensure we design the right product.

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