Countdown to ProductCamp Toronto 2019!

We’re just 7 days away from this year’s event and the buzz is building! Logistics are mostly in place and volunteers are being given assignments. All we need now is YOU!

Here’s what we’d like you to do in the next week:

  1. Make sure your calendar is blocked off for ProductCamp on Saturday, October 19. Registration starts at 9am and the Open Grid will be up so you can start planning your day. We’ll kick things off at 10am with the welcome and keynote (with Jonathan Savage, VP Products at Connected) and then sessions will run from 10:45 – 4:00pm. Did we mention a free lunch and great networking? From 4pm – 5pm there will be a reception, cash bar, awards, draw prizes and more! Details on the location are here.
  2. Consider proposing and leading a session topic
    1. ProductCamp is all about sharing, learning and meeting your peers. One of the best ways to do this and practice your facilitation skills, is to lead a session topic. What are you an expert at? Have you had a recent learning experience that you could share with others? What are you curious about? Do you have a burning question that others might have as well and would share their thoughts and perspectives on it? There’s lots of previous topics and categories to give you ideas.
    2. Its pretty simple. Sessions are 45 – 50 minutes and you lead the session by introducing the topic or telling your story. But try to keep that part to no more than 20 minutes because the real value for everyone is a good discussion. Asking questions, sharing ideas, exploring answers. Your role is to be the facilitator; ask questions to keep the discussion going, try to get everyone engaged and participating. And if you can swing it, wrap up with a brief conclusion about what was learned. Ready to try it out? Go here to submit your proposal for voting. Make sure you read the instructions for session presenters.
    3. If the idea of a full session is too scary, how about trying a 5 minute IGNITE talk? The format is simple:
      1. You have 5 minutes to present your topic
      2. You don’t have to have slides, but if you do, you get 20 slides maximum that will forward automatically to cover the 5 minute time slot. e.g. 20 slides means 15 seconds per slide, 10 slides means 30 seconds per slide etc.
      3. The topic should be related to the ProductCamp themes. i.e. related to product development, startups, product management, marketing, etc.
      4. Go here to submit your proposal for a 5 minute IGNITE session
  3. VOTE! As more session proposals get posted, its important for you to vote. Thats the way ProductCamp prioritizes the topics that get put on the schedule. We can have 6 tracks with 5 sessions times in each so a total of 30 sessions. Plus there are IGNITE talks! So get in there and let everyone know what you are interested in.
    1. To vote you have to go to the session detail and use the “UP” arrow to the left of the description. You can only vote for a session once but you can vote on as many different sessions as you want.
  4. Spread the word! Let your peers know about the event and your participation. Promote it to your connections and network, Tweet about it, etc.
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