Eric Boduch To Kickoff ProductCamp 2018

Eric Boduch, Founder and Chief Evangelist at Pendo will be kicking off ProductCamp Toronto 2018 with thoughts on the Evolution of the Role of Product Management.
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Join us to hear about how industry trends like the rapid adoption of Cloud and SaaS, the ongoing emphasis on Design and UX, and the increasing importance of product data and analytics have impacted the skills, roles, and toolsets of Product Managers.

Learn about the key findings from a recent survey of 300 product leaders conducted by Pendo and Product Collective. You’ll learn about PM career paths and progression, their spheres of responsibility, decision making authorities, alignment with other functions, reporting lines, and outlook for the future of the role. Some of the findings are bound to surprise you, others will probably confirm what you suspected but didn’t know for sure.

And get actionable ideas and techniques, you can implement today to strengthen your product teams and create engaging products customers love.

If you’re a product manager, a product executive or aspire to hold a product leadership role, you’re bound to walk away better prepared to master your role.

Check out Eric’s latest Podcasts on ProductCraft.

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