Got 5 minutes — share some knowledge at ProductCamp Toronto

ProductCamps are about participation. We want to give as many people the opportunity to speak and share their knowledge with others.

Thus we’re happy to announce that in addition to our traditional 60 minute (roughly) sessions, we’re going to give those of you who want to share your knowledge, but want a shorter format an opportunity to present.

Enlighten Us, but Make it Quick!

Based on the very popular Ignite series of talks, — where the motto is “Enlighten Us, but Make it Quick! — we’re going to provide 5 minute time slots to people who want to talk about something they are passionate about and can share with attendees.

The format is simple:

  • You have 5 minutes to present your topic
  • You don’t have to have slides, but if you do,  you get 20 slides maximum that will forward automatically to cover the 5 minute time slot. e.g. 20 slides means 15 seconds per slide, 10 slides means 30 seconds per slide etc.
  • The topic should be related to the ProductCamp themes. i.e. related to product development, startups, product management, marketing, etc.

That’s it. I’m sure most of you reading this have something you can share with the audience. Maybe it’s a problem you solved, or something you learned in your job, or an experience you want to share. Don’t get too caught up in the rules, and if you’re not sure about anything, contact us at the email below. We’re here to help.

Don’t be shy. 5 minutes flies by quickly!

It’s only 5 minutes of your time, but you can impact a large audience.  If you want to present a short talk, or want more information, please contact Saeed Khan. You can reach him via the ProductCamp email —

And here’s a (5 minute) video describing how to give an Ignite-style talk!

We’re looking forward to your talks!

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