Hey Campers! We need more Session Topics

As you know, ProductCamp Toronto depends on your participation and that means contributing your expertise to the sessions. Anyone that is interested in leading a session can submit a proposal.

There is only 1 week left before ProductCamp and we need more session topics from people like you.

Take a moment and think about something in product management that you are passionate about and can share, or some burning question you have that others might like to discuss with you.

There is nothing like leading a session at ProductCamp – it will be the most fun you can pack into a 45-50 minute conference session. ProductCamp is completely user driven. There is just you and your peers. Presenting at ProductCamp is fun, and an experience you will remember forever. Use this opportunity to polish your presentation and facilitation skills in a non-threatening environment, talking about problems that matter with people who “get it.”

To propose a session, start here: https://productcamptoronto.ca/discussions/

If you want to share your knowledge, but want a shorter format than the full sessions, then try a “5 minute” IGNITE talk. These short talks give more people the opportunity to speak and share their knowledge with others. Propose your session topic and just mention “IGNITE” as your format.

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