October 4th is Approaching Fast!

Hey folks, we admit it’s been a bit quiet over the past month or so. This summer thing got in the way a bit and seems like things are busier this year in our “day jobs”. BUT, things are starting to heat up and we’re committed to ProductCamp Toronto being a great experience for us all.

Here’s what we’ve been up to. We have more people involved this year in helping! This is awesome! Folks are helping us with getting the venue ready, finding sponsors (know of any?), getting the word out through blog posts, tweeting etc. Thx.

I’ve asked the organizing team to leave a comment below that:

  • Introduces themselves.
  • Tells you what area they are leading in.
  • Where they need help!

Some other really important things for you to know:

  • You can register for ProductCamp Toronto here.
  • You can submit a session topic, vote and comment on others here

Here’s something to get you going! A recent Globe and Mail article by Konrad Yakabuski is enough to stir some debate and conversation. Is there an innovation gap in Canada? Aren’t the products and services we bring to market innovative? Are our methods of developing products and satisfying the needs of our customers innovative? Let the debate begin. (By the way, we invited Konrad to come to ProductCamp Toronto, he loves the idea of PCT but can’t make it).

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