PCT 2009 Wrap-up

ProductCamp TorontoFirst of all, a big thank you for attending ProductCamp Toronto 2009, and to those who helped make it happen!

Stay in Touch…

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And Thank our Sponsors!

Please thank our sponsors, without whom we couldn’t have had the event:

Pragmatic Marketing, Ryma Technology Solutions, Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson ITMSA, AutoShare, Riverdale Partners, Toronto Product Management Association, Ateala Management, Eigenworks, Enthiosys, EntreBahn, Greenscroll.org, Helix Commerce, MI6 Agency, OnProductManagement.net, Pivotal Product Management, Quantum Whisper, Sequent Learning, SevenL Networks, and ZIGZAG Marketing.

The ProductCamp Toronto Organizing Team:
Lee Garrison, Chris Gurney, Chris Herbert, Saeed Khan, Siobhan Mclaughlin, Lea Sawal

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