PCT2013 Notes – Blogging

Mary Dilski
CEO and company blogs ROI
Newsletters Dan pick,
Inform product changes, now article short form. A newspaper column. People want keep reading more.
Preview and product launch – a series of posts.
Better user experience – navigate
Advertising to promote your business
Platform …
Pick your medium. Not via a lot of links.
Think mobile version – structure content
Tagging + more posting eg Blogger
Wordpress – custom features
Brad re costs of hosting etc.
Define goals – stick to them
Short 3-5 paragraphs – voice – cohesive – they scan, so they come back – get 3 great things from it
Title 3-5 words says a 1000 words, align with picture. People are visual.
Are words right for your audience. Video
Instant gratification – not in a lounge
Be visible – advertise blog – get it out everywhere – post and reach out to
Be persistent
Timing – be predictable. Take time off.
They discover, then read longer blogs – teach me something
Blog vs article – once you are credible.
Be read by news media.
Flip board
Analytics to know who’s following
Get guest bloggers – so they can learn.
Advertise in TO
ask for help
Nest – do you nest?

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