ProductCamp Toronto – PM 101 Presentations

Here are the presentations from ProductCamp Toronto Spring 2010 Product Management 101 Track.

Session 1 – Introduction to Product Management – Calum Tsang

An introductory session about what Product Management is and isn’t, what it’s goals and objectives are and how to introduce it companies that don’t have it formally or don’t understand it

Session 2- Product Pricing – Siobhan McLaughlin
This session will introduce the topic of pricing, discuss different types of pricing models and give advice on how to go about determining product pricing.

Session 3 – Requirements Simplified – Rod Hardman

Creating effective Product Requirements documents takes a lot of effort, often undermining whether they actually get done. Much of what is written is rarely implemented and the details are not always static as they change when the team learns what it really wants. This session would sort through what is really needed in a Requirements document focusing on what actually gets done.

Session 4 – How to structure a product management team – Andrew Schmied
Discussions on ways to create and grow product management teams. There are few standards on how to structure teams of product managers and product marketers. The aim is to get attendees to discuss what they’ve seen in their experience that worked and didn’t work and why.

Session 5  – A little bit of strategy can save your life – Aldwin
Product managers sacrifice their personal lives for their product’s success. But we’d sacrifice less and succeed more if we could get away from the to-do list long enough to devise a decent market strategy. I’d like to have a conversation about how to do this, how to get your company’s support, and how to prove that the strategy is working.

NOTE: There is no presentation for this session as it was an interactive discussion amongst the participants

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