ProductCamp2013 Notes – MVP Now What

MVP PR Lyndon Johnson
Traditional – awareness, now Cust research – what Cust want.
Wrong – start pitching. Develop media list 150 names. All have different interests. You lose control of what first buyers – early adopters want, use them to scale up.
Find 10-50 people, use them as a sounding board, positioning, pricing – to develop messaging. Different messages for each target group.
Get it right and use target as referral.
Talk to target, divide, shared interests, different messages
Procurement mgr vs younger employee
Then, key message to each audience. Different claims. Fine tune message to help target make choice (to convince their boss $). Not stake in ground
Make it as simple as you can – ask a 5 year old. People who don’t have expertise. Tweak – takes time
Small markets
Tell world and becomes harder to backtrack with target
Small group likes being asked – loyalty, talk to others WoM
Timing. When your audience is ready. Research timing, buying cycles. Wait until target is ready.
BNXT project product mgrs
No relaunch
Platform – how you deliver message. Research target decide, not Facebook strategy. Not digital. Target platform! Do they read paper vs digital. Eg find 300 Journal readers. HR managers – Journal. Know their need. Long term revenue
Editorials, speaking, custom pitches for each person
Phone them, first understand them, top of mind.
Journalists – phone
leave short messages email + personality
Email can’t control how it’s reviewed vs conversation
Validate each part of claim
Put your passion into it
Brand is what people say about you.
Talk to 10 vs 100
BNXT programme – what would work for each target?
Value proposition keeps changing. Keep checking, validating.
Insanely simple – ken ? of Apple Sat on for 9 months. Takes time. S Jobs was PM understood market ahead of mkt.

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