Pub Night Brainstorming

Mmmmmm, beeeeeeeer.First off, thanks to all who attended the Pub Night on Wednesday!

During the evening, we threw up a big ol’ pad of paper and encouraged everybody to write down some ideas for possible discussion topics at the main event.

I think we successfully proved that apparently, it is possible to think intelligently about product management while under the influence of alcohol.

Here’s the list:

  • How to build a team that is passionate about the product they are developing
  • How to get your company to drink the product management kool-aid (versus throwing money at marketing)
  • Identifying potential pots of gold
  • Sell by leveraging cool web 2.0 technologies
  • Pricing models and war stories
  • How to build a pricing model from scratch: Gathering sales input; Managing rollout
  • Sales Techniques: How to sell the vision, roadmap, disruptive change, etc. within your organization
  • Converting Naysayers into fans of your product
  • Rebranding your product as a new idea
  • Effective product roadmap development and innovation within large organizations: Challenges, success stories, opinions
  • Product management in non-tech verticals: Financial services, CPG, cleantech, manufacturing
  • Making your competition look bad (and making you look better)
  • Ye olde school business code
  • Demo a product you LOVE — and talk about why you love it
  • Reversing bad publicity on your product
  • Structure a Framework on How to Commercialize a Product

There was also some talk of arranging a keynote speaker, as was done at ProductCamp NYC, to spark discussions at the event. A couple names appeared on the board (but I think this is where my handwriting-parsing ability falls apart — corrections welcome — Edit: Fixed, thanks Lee):

Tell us about your experience, and your ideas for ProductCamp!
Would you attend another Pub Night before ProductCamp in October?

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