The Minimum Valuable Product Manager  



The product manager role requires a large set of broad skills. Prioritize learning and skill set growing is one of the challenging things a PM has to do especially early in their careers as there isn't enough time to acquire all skills. 
Minimum Viable Product Manager (MVPM) is the minimum set of skillset product managers should have to drive value within their organizations. 

Target Audience: PM Essentials (Good for Newbie Product Managers )

Session format: 20 mins presentation followed a fun exercise and Q&A

Bio: Nour Alkhatib, a Product Manager at Flipp. I have experience in managing B2B & B2C products. I've always been passionate about the product craft and landed my first product role a few years ago and since then, I had an aspiration to guide others in their journey to product management. 

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Thanks for the additional info. Please add a short bio as well.

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Hi Nour,

Thank you for submitting this topic for discussion. It is essential that every PM should identify the MVP as it helps continuous learning and feedback on the basis of consumption. Worked on developing and implementing a Stock Option Management tool, post-roll-out of the MVP and reaching out to clients for onboarding and continuous feedback sharpened the end product rollout considerably.

Would be awesome to have a chat with you on this at the event.