ProductCamp Toronto – Start Me Up! Presentations

Here are the presentations from ProductCamp Toronto Spring 2010 Start Me Up! track.

Session 1 – How to balance innovation vs. stability with limited resources – Chris Eben
Many PMs have to balance supporting an existing customer base with infrastructure, platform and general enhancements while innovating to increase sales and market share. You can never do it all with the limited resources you have. A facilitated discussion on this topic would be useful

Session 2 – The Customer is Never Right – Stephen Pollack
We’ll review how some PM teams get too caught up in being led by the customer versus their own innovation — this can be detrimental to early stage markets whereas thought leader teams tend to do better.

Session 3 – Button Soup – How to make something from nothing as a product manager at a startup – Al Huzienga
PM’s at a startup can have a hard time reconciling theory with reality when they arrive day one – there often isn’t very much to work with. This session could focus on how a startup PM identifies the resources at hand, then grows them into an idea, an innovation, an opportunity, and finally a business. Real life war stories definitely required.

Session 4 – How to pitch your company to investors – Craig Hayashi
Practical advice on how to best pitch your product/company to investors for the purpose of seeking investment.

Sesson 5 – 5 Minute Presentations
The presentations from these talks can be found here.

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