Opening Keynote with Steve Johnson

What does product management look like in 2013 and beyond?

Will the job become more and more complex or are we on the cusp of a much simpler approach? Like it or not, agile development is part of the future, so you’ll have to learn to implement product management in a way that aligns with these new methods.

But what about the rest of your job? And the rest of your organization? Can your business be agile too? How will you adapt?

Steve JohnsonWe were thrilled to have Steve Johnson join us and kick-off ProductCamp Toronto 2012 with a thought-provoking exploration of how you can simplify your methods and artifacts, applying agile principles to the rest of your job. The slides from Steve’s keynote are on Slideshare and you can view them below.

Steve is a recognized thought-leader on topics for product, marketing, and sales leaders. He is Chief Marketing Officer for Primary Intelligence with a focus on instilling best practices in win/loss analysis and customer experience. His ideas on customer interaction help companies incorporate market facts into their product creation, marketing programs, and sales enablement.

Prior to joining Primary Intelligence, Steve was a Pragmatic Marketing instructor for 15 years and personally trained thousands of product and company leaders on strategies for creating successful technology products.

Steve is a popular keynote speaker at forums throughout North America and author of many articles on technology product management and marketing.

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