Session Categories

This year’s Session Categories are already setup on the Session Topic Proposal page where you submit your proposed session.

Here’s some other topics that might help you come up with some ideas.

  • Opportunity Analysis
    • Market Research, Market Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Business Case, Market Problems
  • Product Strategy
    • Business Planning, Business Model, Whole Product, Roadmaps, Portfolio Planning, Partnerships, Resource Allocation, Technology Assessment
  • Requirements Definitions
    • MRD, PRD, Elicitation, Personas, Use Cases, Prioritization, UX
  • Product Development
    • Agile Processes, Market Testing, Testing/QA, Beta Tests, Offshore/Nearshore Dev
  • Go-to-Market
    • Product Launch Plans, Product Launch Readiness, Market Strategy, Marketing Plan, Pricing, Positioning, Messaging, Channel strategy, Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Execution
    • Demand Gen, Events, PR, Advertising, Social Media, Marketing Collateral, Sales Tools, Sales Pipeline, Channel Mgmt, Marketing Metrics
  • Product Lifecycle Mgmt
    • Portfolio Analysis, Crossing the Chasm, Brand Mgmt, End-of-life, Divestment, Customer Retention, Repositioning
  • Prod Mgmt Careers
    • PM 101, Team Management, Interviews, Roles Definitions, Small v. Big Company, PM Tools
  • Data Analytics
    • Data Science, In-Product analytics, Customer Surveying, Business Intelligence, Reporting Tools, Quantitative Feedback