Your 5 minutes of fame at ProductCamp Toronto 2012

ProductCamp Toronto 2012 is re-introducing the “5 minute” talk to give more people the opportunity to speak and share their knowledge with others. These talks have been a great success in the past so we’re going to do it again! If you want to share your knowledge, but want a shorter format than the full sessions, then here’s your chance to present.

Enlighten Us, but Make it Quick!

Based on the very popular Ignite series of talks, — where the motto is “Enlighten Us, but Make it Quick! — these are 5 minute time slots for people who want to talk about something they are passionate about and can share with attendees.

The format is simple:

  • You have 5 minutes to present your topic
  • You don’t have to have slides, but if you do,  you get 20 slides maximum that will forward automatically to cover the 5 minute time slot. e.g. 20 slides means 15 seconds per slide, 10 slides means 30 seconds per slide etc.
  • The topic should be related to the ProductCamp themes. i.e. related to product development, startups, product management, marketing, etc.

Don’t be shy. 5 minutes flies by quickly!

It’s only 5 minutes of your time, but you can impact a large audience.  If you want to present a short talk, or want more information, please contact Allan Neil via the ProductCamp email

And if you want to see what it looked like last time, go to “2010 5-minute talks“.

We’re looking forward to your talks!

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